Organizer: China National Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute

ISO Packaging and the environment

This part has introduced the works and organizational structures of ISO packaging and the environment.

National Packaging and the environment

This part has introduced working situation of Packaging and the environment, organizing situation of assuming Packaging and the environment and working target in re

Packaging standard system

This part has introduced the general situation of national packaging standard system and packaging standardization development planning in China.

Set and Revise standards

This part has introduced the preparation process of international and national standards, templatesfor project proposalof national Mandatory and Recommendatory stan

Material Overview

This part introduces the characteristics of green packaging materials and common green packaging material.

Foreign Products and Technology

This part introduces foreign products and technologies of green packaging material
Export Commodities Packaging Technology Service Center(for short is Packaging Center in following) is one of nineteen “Export Commodities Technology Service Center” which were first batch founding by Ministry of Commerce at 2005. Packaging Center is mainly providing commodities packaging technology services for domestic enterprises to deal with foreign technical barriers. It is aims to improve the competitiveness of export commodities under the framework of WTO rules, and to provide comprehensive technical support for the sustainable development of packaging industry.

This section introduces the abstract and contents of 《Guide to packaging technology for exporting to North America》,users can visit the website of Ministry of Commerce for necessary.

This section introduces the training courses and partial training cases offered by Export Commodities Packaging Technology Service center of Ministry of Commerce and Green Packaging Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, users can contact the relev

This section introduces series of Export Commodities Transport Packaging Container Inspection and Quarantine Industry Standards, for the relevant enterprise reference, detailed content can be retrieved from relating standards.

This part introduces the packaging optimization scheme, packaging investigation form and the key cases.